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The Best Kept Secrets for a Happier, Healthier, Stress-Free Holiday Season Print E-mail

As the holidays approach and our schedule begins to fill, life becomes more of a challenge.  The physical toll we put on our bodies with longer work hours, more activities, lack of daylight, not enough rest, and the inability to concentrate,  can all lead up to becoming disorganized.

Don't let this alarm you, as we all go through periods of disorganization.  Even the best of organizers, like me, have times when papers pile up, mail isn't sorted, and clothes all over the bedroom.  It seems there are days when all I do is run!

However, as the holidays approach, a few simple tips can help eliminate the chaos of disorganization and might help bring about a happier healthier approach to the holidays,  filled with simplicity of life, and family celebration.

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5 Steps to Prioritizing Your Day Print E-mail

Everyday, we're in danger of being overwhelmed by schedules and deadlines. It seems at times we spend all day working, yet nothing gets done. As we approach the start to a new year, here are five simple strategies that might help prioritize your day.

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When Preparing for a Trip, How About This Checklist? Print E-mail

1) In The Beginning: Make sure you have all necessary documentation needed for the trip including passports, itinerary, confirmations, currency exchange information, health insurance information, travel insurance, and metric converter if needed.

2) Make Arrangements For: Mail, newspaper, animals, watering, garbage with neighbor/friend visit post office or website, for specific instructions for your area.

3) To Do List: Cut grass, water plants, change cat liter, set timers, set thermostat, turn water outside off, pick up pet droppings, close shades, take out remaining garbage in house, clean out fridge, change outside lightbulbs. 

4) Preparing for Arrival: Make sure that you split up your financial funds into various locations.  Carrying travelers cheques and registration for the min separate places.  A money belt is always great to have on hand for daily travel.

5) A List of All Accessories: Don’’t leave home without the accessories to make life more enjoyable in all types of climates and situations; such as sunglass, bandana, sun hat, sewing kit, safety pins, poncho, umbrella, and belt.

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5 Sure Things That You Will Experience With An Organizer! Print E-mail

Having a life of calm and control is what most people dream about.  It's scientifically proven that organized people save time, money, and live a less stressful life than those that can't make order out of chaos.

The National Association of Professional Organizers, NAPO, describes professional organizers as partners "to help deal with everything from papers to daily responsibilities.  We help give parameters on what to keep, what to toss, and where to take action," according to their official website.

Every week, we come across people that want to know more about what it's like to work with a professional organizer.  Here are FIVE sure things you'll experience, when working with an organizer.

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